Our first eco-restaurant in the UK at Wisbech


Reducing our environmental impact is a top priority here at KFC Development, and Yum! Brands has a long-standing commitment to the continual improvement of our construction, management and service procedures.

We established our Environmental Leadership Council in 2006 and are now working with the Carbon Trust to reduce our emissions by 10% by 2012. We have already tested and implemented a range of green technologies and practices, and electricity in many of our UK KFC restaurants is now derived from alternative energy.

Dual-flush cistern in toilets

Water Conservation

  • Dual-flush cisterns in toilets
  • Waterless urinals
  • Saving over 92,000 litres/year per restaurant.
Tanker system

Reducing Carbon Footprint

  • 33% increase in thickness of ceiling, wall and floor-slab insulation.
  • Removal of over-door heaters
  • Covered bike racks at all Drive Thru's to encourage fewer car journeys.
  • Odour control systems for extractors
  • From cooking oil to biodiesel
  • Each year approximately 7.75m litres of low-trans-fat vegetable oil is collected from KFC restaurants in the UK and is refined into biodiesel to power our delivery vehicles, creating a closed loop system that capitalises on a major waste stream and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.
Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

  • Reduced energy lighting and signage
  • Improved control systems for walk-in freezers

We are also continually testing and monitoring new technologies including solar water heating, heat recovery, water and electrical sub-metering and Power Perfectors.


Sensible Material Use

  • Member of the Considerate Contractor Scheme
  • Recycled hardcore and aggregates
  • Recycled Damp-Proofing Materials
  • PFA Additives in concrete.

Overall we have reduced our construction CO2 emissions by 25% per tonne and continue to research alternative timber products and other sustainable building materials.

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